How to Combat Splotchiness

One of the main concerns with spray tanning is getting an even tan that fades evenly and looks natural. Sometimes the skin can look patchy or fade unevenly with a spray tan due to dryness and other factors. The following steps will help you to achieve smooth looking skin.

1. Properly prepping the skin prior to the spray tan. Get all waxing done at least one day before the tan. Get your pedicure and facial before the spray tan as well. The week prior to the tan keep your skin hydrated with shea butter and drink lots of water.

2. Shower, shave and exfoliate your skin. Use a loofah to exfoliate the skin. Please do not skip this step! Exfoliation is necessary to remove dry, dead skin cells so the spray tan will go on smoothly. Do NOT apply any lotions, oils or sunscreens on the day of the spray tan. They act as a barrier and your skin will not absorb the tanning solution.

3. If you have had prior issues with the spray tan looking yellowish or greenish this is due to the PH balance in your skin. Use a washcloth with baking soda and water to rebalance the PH right before you spray tan.

4. If you have old spray tan residue from a previous tan, you must exfoliate it off before the new tan is applied. Take a hot bath with some epsom salts and exfoliate with a loofah and Dove soap to remove old spray tan. You don't want to layer the tans because it will look spotty and uneven. Use a Salux brand loofah. 

5. Make sure you keep the solution on for the recommended time your tanning artist tells you. Stay in a cool air conditioned enviornment while your tan is drying. Do not sweat! If you shower after 8 hours take a water only rinse off shower and apply lotion.

6. Use a sulfate free body wash to preserve your spray tan. Do not use Bar soaps, Dove soaps (only use Dove to remove old spray tan) or any body washes that contain sulfates. I recommend Norvell body wash, California Tan Expose body wash or Dr Brommers miracle body wash. Do not use washcloths in the shower. Use your hands to apply body wash or a soft mesh sponge. Pat dry, do not rub dry.

7. Do not go swimming for 24 hours after your spray tan. It will fade the tan very quickly. Avoid chlorine from swimming pools and hot tubs. Chlorine will fade the tan and cause dryness. The ocean is much better.

8. Moisturize after every shower with a hydrating lotion. Shea butter is great for dry skin and will keep your tan looking smooth. Apply morning and night. Do not skip this step!

9. No hot yoga. No baths. No steam rooms or saunas. Do the spa stuff before your spray tan please.

10. Stay away from glycolic acid, salicylic acid and all exfoliating/peeling products.

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