What products are the worst for spray tans?

Dear Nicole,


What products are terrible for my skin?  My tan looks great after 2 days and then goes away completely.  Am I the reason it's fading?  Is it my soaps?  Please help.


Read Nicole's Answer

Read Nicole's Answer

When you have a spray tan I recommend using a sulfate free body wash such as Norvell, California Tan or Amir. Please avoid using bar soaps, bodywashes containing sulfates and all Dove brand products as these will strip off the color of your spray tan. For the face I recommend using Origins Checks and Balances face wash because it is sulfate free and gentle. Also refrain from using products that contain Retinol, Retin A, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, fruit enzymes and Benzoil peroxide. Prescription acne products will also cause the skin to peel which will adversely affect the spray tan. Swimming in chlorinated pools and jacuzzis will fade a tan. Steam rooms, saunas, and really hot water will also affect the life of your tan. Try swimming in the ocean and take warm showers.