How Long Do Spray Tans Last?


I get asked this question on a daily basis. The life of a spray tan depends on how well you care for it. On average, expect it to last about seven days. Some companies will tell you a spray tan can last up to two weeks but that’s pushing it. There are several factors in making a spray tan last longer. The first is proper preparation. Prior to a spray tan it is important to get any spa treatments done first. This includes massages, facials, waxing and pedicures. Any steam room, sauna or jacuzzi use should also be done prior to the tan. The day of the tan make sure to shower, shave and exfoliate the skin with a Salux loofah or loofah gloves. Stay away from any oil based scrubs as these will act as a barrier preventing the spray tan from developing. After the shower dry off and don’t put any products on the skin. Oil, lotion and deodorant will also act as a barrier blocking the spray tan from developing. It is important to follow the directions of the spray tanner immediately following the tan. Always wear loose fitting clothes and sandals after a spray tan. You need to wait to sweat or get wet until you take your first shower. When you shower it is important to use a sulfate free body wash. Stay away from bar soaps and Dove brand products. I recommend the following body wash: Norvell, California Tan, Hempz, Hemp Nation and Shea Moisture. For the face I recommend Origins checks and Balances cleanser. Make sure you do not scrub in the shower or use wash cloths or loofahs. Always pat dry the skin after showering, do not rub dry. As soon as you get out of the shower apply a moisturizer to the face and body. My favorite lotions are Amir touch of Tan, Hempz, DC Crown of Gold and So Naughty Nude. Keeping your skin hydrated will make the tan last longer and fade evenly. Ask me about lotions I have for sale. My favorite Tan extender for the face is Vita Liberata Tinted lotion. Remember to always wear lotion-based SPF when going outside as the spray tan does not protect you from the sun. If you get a sunburn the spray tan will peel off and look horrible. I always moisturize and use Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen lotion prior to going to the beach. Chlorine from swimming pools and jaccuzis will fade the tan much faster. It is better for your tan to swim in the ocean. Do not take hot yoga classes or spin classes. Try to take only one shower per day. If you take good care of your tan it will last at least 7 days. 

Why do my armpits turn green after a spray tan?

This is what happens when you wear deodorant right before a spray tan 

This is what happens when you wear deodorant right before a spray tan 

If you've ever wondered why your armpits turn green after a spray tan I've found the culprit. It's your deodorant. Or to be more specific, your anti-perspirant. The green color is a reaction between the aluminum in the deoderant and the bronzer from the spray tan. It is only temporary and will wash off with your first shower. To keep this from happening you should always wash your armpits with a washcloth and soap really well prior to getting a tan. Make sure you do not apply deoderant before the spray tan. After the airbrush tan you may dab the armpits with baby powder and a dry sponge and then apply your deodorant 5 minutes later. I have also noticed that Secret deoderant will always turn the armpits green even if applied after a spray tan. Lady Speed stick does not do this. Also make sure you do not have any lotion or oil on your skin prior to the spray tan application. 

Skin Cancer and Tanning Facts


Since 2008 when I first began spray tanning in California, many people asked me, "Why do I spray tan when there is so much sun outdoors?" And now that I live in South Beach, Miami, where there is even more sun, I get this question almost every day. The reason is I care about my skin and don’t want to expose myself to the risks of skin cancer. As an esthetician I care about the health of my clients skin. Exposure from UV rays, whether from the sun or from indoor tanning beds is incredibly dangerous. The World Health Organization classifies indoor tanning beds as a human carcinogen in the same category as plutonium and cigarettes. Repeated exposure to UV rays could result in an increase in risk of skin cancer as well change the texture of your skin. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and 1 in 5 people will be diagnosed in their lifetime. However, it is also highly preventable. Daily use of a high SPF sunscreen (I use SPF50) as well as wearing hats and using beach umbrellas will greatly reduce your risk. In addition to your health, the appearance of your skin is also affected by UV rays. 90% of visible skin aging is attributed to the sun. This does not mean you have to walk around looking like a porcelain doll. The healthy alternative to sun tanning is an organic spray tan. 

    Spray tanning has come a long way since it first became popular in the late 90’s with the mystic tan. Nowadays the tanning solutions are much more natural looking, do not smell and can pass for the real thing. It is important to find out which tanning solution your airbrush artist uses and make sure you do not have any allergies to the ingredients. I personally recommend using an organic solution that has no added oil, alcohol, nut ingredients or fragrance. Spray tanning solution is derived from DHA which is found in sugarcane. This ingredient makes a chemical reaction with the enzymes in your skin cells to turn them brown. The higher the percentage of DHA, the darker your tan will be. This process only affects the top layers of your skin so this is why it lasts for about 7 days. Your skin is constantly shedding itself and creating new skin cells. This is why a really good exfoliation of the skin with a loofah prior to the spray tan is so important. Not only will it make your tan last longer, it will also make your skin look even and smooth. Please remember to visit the Dermatologist once a year for an annual skin checkup and call them immediately if you notice anything unusual with moles or spots on your skin. For more information on tanning and skin cancer please visit

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Express Tan vs Regular Spray Tan


Many clients are curious about the difference between a traditional spray tan that develops in 8 hours (and is washed off after 8 hours) and an express tan, or a rapid tan. The main difference is that with the express tan you are able to shower faster. Both of the spray tan formulas take 8 hours to fully develop the color. This is because the active ingredient, DHA is making a chemical reaction with the enzymes in your skin cells, which takes time. DHA is a clear ingredient. Most spray tan solutions contain an instant bronzer, which is the color that you see right away during your spray tan until your first shower. When you shower, the instant bronzer washes away and your skin is tan underneath. The express tan solution contains a higher concentration of DHA which is why you are able to shower sooner. This is especially handy on days where it might rain, or when it’s extremely hot and humid. Once you wash the bronzer off you are able to wear any clothing you want. Please allow a full 8 hours for the express tan to develop, even after you have washed the bronzer off. Because the express tan is time sensitive, you can leave it on longer if you would like a darker tan, or shorter if you would like a lighter tan. I recommend leaving the express tan on for at least 90 minutes. For more information please contact Nicole at 714-747-2086 or visit our Miami Glow Tanning's Site.

Ultra Music Festival and WMC Miami 2015


This year Miami is hosting two large music events WMC (Winter Music Conference) and Ultra Music Festival. WMC will be held March 24-28 in South Beach. The hotels will have famous guest Dj’s and fun pool parties. Get pool party ready with a spray tan from Miami Glow Tanning. March is a very busy time in Miami Beach so please consider booking your spray tanning appointment in advance. We also have group rates so get a few of your girlfriends together for a tanning party. Ultra will be held March 27-29th. Concert goers typically wear neon outfits to Ultra and a spray tan looks fantastic with bright colors. The weather in March is usually 80 degrees so be prepared to rock a bikini and shorts all week. Miami Glow Tanning will give you an organic airbrush tan in the comfort of your hotel room. Call us today 714-747-2086. For more information please visit or

Miami Beach International Boat Show 2015


This year the Miami Beach International Boat Show will be held Valentines Day weekend February 12-16 2015. The Miami Beach Convention Center will host an array of vendors as well as boat slips in front of the Fontainebleau Hotel and Bayside Marketplace. In order to look your absolute best for the boat show and Valentines Day book your spray tanning appointment in advance. Friday February 13th will be a very busy day for Miami Glow Tanning. Saturday February 14th is Valentines Day. Miami Glow Tanning will come to your hotel and give you an organic airbrush tan in the comfort of your hotel room. Call us today at 714-747-2086. For more information please visit

How To Get a Summer Glow in Winter Months

How To Get a Summer Glow in Winter Months

Living in Miami Beach we are really lucky that most days are above 75 degrees. Since we are a popular destination city, Miami attracts visitors from colder states up North and around the world. In the winter months, your skin tends to be dry, pale and somewhat dull. In order to prepare your skin for a balmy Miami vacation we recommend the following steps.

Spray Tanning For Your Wedding

Your wedding is an important day in your life.

You will have many photographs that will last forever. If you would like a warm just off the beach glow for your special day then a custom airbrush tan is the right choice. Start by making a test appointment a few weeks before the wedding. Then take pictures of yourself the day after you tan. If this is the right color you can feel confident booking your final airbrush tanning appointment one or two days before your wedding.

You will want to schedule all other beauty services before the spray tan. Waxing, manicures, facials and pedicures. A day before the spray tan exfoliate with a loofah or oil free body scrub to prep the skin. It is good to start doing this a month before the wedding to keep your skin soft and smooth. Also moisturize with a hydrating lotion before going to bed. Miami Glow Tanning is perfect for everyone in your Wedding party. We will come to your hotel and tan everyone. Relax with your friends and some champagne while you get a gorgeous bronze tan!

Airbrush Spray Tanning Artist vs. Spray Tanning Booth

You may be wondering what the difference is in receiving a spray tan from a tanning artist (a person) or standing in a spray tanning booth? It's all in the details:

One of the main differences is the quality of the solution used. Because a spray booth produces a lot of overspray into the air it wastes a good deal of solution. Most salons will use the cheapest solution in their machines such as Mystic Tan, or Magic Tan. These solutions produce an orange tint and a chemical smell. When you are sprayed by a person the solution is sprayed directly on the skin and they tend to use higher quality solutions (more expensive) which produce a natural brown color and do not smell bad.

Personal service. When entering a booth you have to apply the barrier cream yourself, stand in your bare feet and remember to switch positions quickly so as to not end up with missed areas. You will usually get tanner all over the bottoms of your feet, the palms of your hands, and your face will be too dark. When you are sprayed by a person she will apply the barrier cream for you, attach sticky feet to the soles of your feet, lotion to the palms of your hands and expertly guide you through the positions so as to tan every inch of you evenly. She will also listen to special requests and can contour areas of the body.

Dry time. When exiting the spray booth you are typically dripping with excess solution that you are told to wipe off with a towel. This can cause uneven tanning and streaking. When you are sprayed by a tanning artist she will use a very fine mist to tan you. The HVLP machine she uses also blows air on you during the session which dries the solution very quickly producing an even tan.

Price. This is a difference which a lot of people use to make their decision. You really get what you pay for when it comes to spray tanning so if you want a realistic tan go for the airbrush. The best way to decide is to take pictures of yourself one day after the tan so you have a visual reference of the results. No one wants to look like an oompa-loompa in their wedding album!


How to Remove An Old Spray Tan

Many people have asked me how to get a spray tan off. The following steps will show you how:

1. Chlorine from swimming pools or hot tubs will fade most of the tan. Go for a swim.

2. Steam rooms and saunas will soften the skin before you shower so hit up the gym or a spa and steam it up!

3. Take a hot bath with some epsom salts. Soak for at least 30 minutes. Then use a loofah with some Dove soap (only recommended for spray tan removal) I highly recommend a Salux loofah. I have them for $10

4. Hydrate with some coconut oil or shea butter. (but don’t do this the day of a new spray tan)

5. To remove tan from palms of hands and fingers use some Windex followed by a good hand washing. Do not put Windex anywhere else on the body.

6. You can also use a Mr Clean magic eraser to remove tan from hands. Get the eraser slightly wet, wring out excess water. Then use it to buff the excess tan away. This works well for knuckles and elbows that get too dark.

Mobile Airbrush Spray Tanning Advantages

Many people get spray tans at their local tanning salons with mixed results. In order to get amazing result from a spray tan, at Miami Glow Tanning, we highly recommend mobile spray tanning. Having a spray tanning artist come to your home or hotel is very convenient and celebrities have been doing it this way for years. Let's face it, Miami is a very hot city. The last thing you should be doing immediately after a spray tan is walking back to your car in 90 degree heat and sweating all over your car seat!


When you relax in your home you can stay in the cool AC while your tan dries without having to worry about getting dressed, sweating, or getting rained on. South beach also has limited parking so you don't have to worry about that when you have a spray tanner come to you. Another advantage to mobile spray tanning is that tanning technicians usually use better quality products and can spend more time giving you that perfect glow. Many tanning salons use cheaper, smelly orange solutions and rush their clients out the door. When you receive a tan from Nicole at Miami Glow Tanning, you are getting tanned by the owner who has six years of spray tanning experience. We use a high quality, organic solution that lasts for 7 days or more. We also educate our clients on how to take proper care of your spray tan. 


Mobile spray tans can be booked for one person or 20 people. If you have a special event coming up such as a wedding or family vacation you can have a mobile tanner come to your hotel and tan your whole group. You can order room service and champagne and turn it into a tanning party. Parents also don't have to get a baby sitter when you book a mobile spray tan. Once you get an airbrush tan from a tanning artist you will appreciate the quality, convenience and luxury that mobile tanning has to offer.