Express Tan vs Regular Spray Tan


Many clients are curious about the difference between a traditional spray tan that develops in 8 hours (and is washed off after 8 hours) and an express tan, or a rapid tan. The main difference is that with the express tan you are able to shower faster. Both of the spray tan formulas take 8 hours to fully develop the color. This is because the active ingredient, DHA is making a chemical reaction with the enzymes in your skin cells, which takes time. DHA is a clear ingredient. Most spray tan solutions contain an instant bronzer, which is the color that you see right away during your spray tan until your first shower. When you shower, the instant bronzer washes away and your skin is tan underneath. The express tan solution contains a higher concentration of DHA which is why you are able to shower sooner. This is especially handy on days where it might rain, or when it’s extremely hot and humid. Once you wash the bronzer off you are able to wear any clothing you want. Please allow a full 8 hours for the express tan to develop, even after you have washed the bronzer off. Because the express tan is time sensitive, you can leave it on longer if you would like a darker tan, or shorter if you would like a lighter tan. I recommend leaving the express tan on for at least 90 minutes. For more information please contact Nicole at 714-747-2086 or visit our Miami Glow Tanning's Site.