Tan Extenders for Spray Tanning Clients

One of the most popular questions I get from my clients is about tan extending products. There are thousands of different lotions labeled as a Tan Extender. The first difference is choosing one that is made for Spray Tanning versus one that is made for UV tanning. Usually spray tanning lotions will be labeled Sunless tanning, UV free tanning, etc. Some tan extenders can be used for both types of tanning. Of the Sunless tanning extenders there are two major types:

Without DHA or with DHA (DHA will add color to the skin which will prolong the tan)


Without DHA: Some clients want to moisturize their skin without adding any extra bronzers. Tan extending lotions formulated for spray tanning will not cause any breakdown of the spray tan. Spray tanned skin requires extra moisturization to keep the tan looking even. Some of my favorite products in this category are California Tan Expose lotion and California Tan Smooth Bare Science Tan extender. They are ultra hydrating and smell amazing. I like to use these products on the last few days of my spray tan. 

With DHA: When my spray tan is new I prefer to use a tan extender with DHA because it keeps my color darker for the first 5-7 days of my tan. My favorite product is Amir Argan Oil Touch of Tan lotion. It smells great, has DHA (clear sunless tanner) and is very hydrating. Norvell also makes a Prolong lotion with DHA to extend the life of your spray tan. Remember to always wear sunscreen over your lotion because a spray tan does not protect against sunburn.