How To Get a Summer Glow in Winter Months

Living in Miami Beach we are really lucky that most days are above 75 degrees. Since we are a popular destination city, Miami attracts visitors from colder states up North and around the world. In the winter months, your skin tends to be dry, pale and somewhat dull. In order to prepare your skin for a balmy Miami vacation we recommend the following steps.

First, you want to exfoliate your skin really well. Sit in a hot bathtub filled with bath oil and exfoliate with a loofah to remove dead skin. We recommend a Clarisonic brush with our favorite Origins face wash to gently exfoliate your face.

The next step is an enzyme peel. We love Eminence Pumpkin peel. The enzymes work to remove the dead skin cells. Then apply a hydrating face mask for at least 15 minutes. I recommend Glam Glow mud mask or Dermalogica Multivitamin power recovery mask. When you get out of the bath moisturize with a thick shea butter body cream. Use a hydrating moisturizer on your face like Origins Night-a-mins. Shave or wax your legs and bikini line and get a pedicure.

When you arrive in Miami call Miami Glow Tanning to get an organic spray tan. This will add color to your pale winter skin. When you apply your make up, be sure to use a foundation that's a little darker so it matches your new tan. Also use a bronzer to add color to your cheeks and forehead. If you use warmer colors like a coral lip gloss, you will have a beautiful summery look that will match your new tan. We also like bronze eye colors like Urban Decay Naked palette. For the body I apply a thick hydrating shea butter and top it off with a shimmer lotion to give my skin a pretty glow and seal in the moisture.

Show off your new summer glow by wearing gold, white, or bright colors like hot pink and stay away from black. When you’re in Miami it’s always bikini time.