What Products to Avoid When Spray Tanning

In order to achieve the best results from a sunless spray tan it is very important that you properly prepare the skin. Please refrain from using any oil based products in the two days prior to the tan as well as after the tan. Look for words like: lipids, barrier, squalene, oil, cleansing oil, beauty oil, etc. If you have any doubts please contact me and I will research the ingredient. You cannot have any oily residue on your skin prior to receiving a sunless spray tan as it will act like a barrier and prevent the spray tanning solution from absorbing into the skin. This can also result in splotchiness.

It is also important that if you do any kind of deep exfoliating treatment to your face, please do it 3 or more days before the spray tan so that your skin can properly heal. If your skin starts to peel from a recent skin treatment, your spray tan will peel away as well. Please avoid using any exfoliating products after your spray tan.

Obaji products will remove the spray tan and Squalene products will cause the tan to look splotchy. Please avoid all Dove brand products, soaps and body washes as well. There are many other products that can be harmful to your spray tan so please ask your spray tanning artist what she recommends.

Please read the ingredients to ALL products you use on your skin like body scrubs, face wash, body wash, moisturizer, etc. It is best to stick to oil free products. I have always had good results from Origins frothy face wash and a Clarisonic brush.